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Official Tracklisting:
1. Babylon - Frankenstein 3000 w/ David Johansen
2. Personality Crisis - Flipp w/Steve Jones
3. Looking For A Kiss - Geoff Starr Rock N' Roll Band
4. Vietnamese Baby - Slow Motorcade
5. It's Too Late - The Taste
6. Trash - Super Deluxe
7. Bad Girl - R50
8. Subway Train - The New Romantics
9. Private World - Tattooed Millionaires
10. Puss n' Boots - The Napoleon Blownaparts
w/Ajax Garcia, Eric Griffin (Murderdolls)
Wade Krause (Sparkle Jet)
11. Chatterbox - Coyote Shivers
12. Human Being - Science Fiction Idols
13. Who Are The Mystery Girls - Starduster
14. Lonely Planet Boy - Crash Kelly
15. Frankenstein - Killingbird
16. Jet Boy - The Alarm
17. You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory - American Anthem (Bonus Track)

'HOSTAGE GIRL' Design By: Ajax Garcia
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Jetboys Of Babylon

Official release date:
Summer 2005
Record Label:
Fastlane Record

JETBOYS OF BABYLON (A Tribute To The New York Dolls)

Hands down this is one of the best tribute projects of the decade!
This album cross breeds the legends with breaking celebrities of today.
Dolls singer David Johansen and Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones grace
the album with their own talents.

Inside liner notes credit Ajax Garcia who is one of the most exciting visual
artists of today for the use of his 'HOSTAGE GIRL' design, Garcia also
Appears on the album with his own band "NAPOLEON BLOWNAPARTS"
performing Dolls classic Puss In Boots courtesy Eerie Pop Ent.